Adam’s Guitar

Adam’s primary guitar is a handmade Bailey & Sons jumbo acoustic (J200 scale), equipped with a LR Baggs element active pick-up


Malaysian blackwood back & sides, with ebony bindings:


Sitka spruce top-board with mosaic Madagascar rosewood, Cocobolo rosewood, Spalted maple, & Ziricote rosette:


Macassar ebony fingerboard and bridge plate, with MOP branch inlay, bloodwood leaf inlay, & Cocobolo rosewood seedpod and leaf inlay:


Adam chose the inlay of the sycamore-fig branch as a beautiful reminder of two scripturally grounded convictions that he intends to keep close throughout his music career: (1) He wants to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-10), and (2) He will be known by the fruit he bears (Matt. 7:15-20).

Early on in the building process, Bill (builder), being a believer also, invited Adam to come to the workshop to inscribe the underside of the finished top-board. They both inscribed verses to acknowledge that their talents, to build and to play the instrument, were anointed gifts. Adam’s inscription referenced the passages above. Bill’s inscription referenced Psalm 98, which speaks of playing stringed instruments skillfully and singing new songs to praise God.

While these inscriptions will never be seen without using special tools to see inside the guitar, and while Adam does not wish to impose his way of life from the stages he performs, they serve as meaningful reminders to him personally, of the integrity he endeavors to demonstrate both on the stage and in life.