Drummer Passes Certification Exam, Lands New Career Start!

We are very proud of Rachel Lee for passing her aviation mechanic’s certification exam in November of 2017, and subsequently gaining full employment in Savannah, GA with PSA (subsidiary of American Airlines) in January of 2018!

This is the culmination of many years of hard work, studying, and dreaming for Rachel, and we are very excited to see those lofty goals being achieved!

Rachel has been the drummer for the Adam Harris Thompson Band since 2012. She is one of the core group of 4 (Adam, Rachel, Caleb Wilkerson, & David Rae Perry) who travels to perform the most!

This move and career change are not “goodbye” for Rachel. As it has been the case from the beginning of the journey together as bandmates, Adam’s solo career has always accounted for the majority of his time and travels, while the rest of the band all have other careers and enjoy performing together as much as they are able (typically 1-3 times per month). We are enthusiastic and hopeful that Rachel will still be able to perform on this occasional basis 🙂

Pictured above: Adam gave Rachel a custom drum head for Christmas 2017, with a plane to commemorate her achievement and depict her love of aviation- as a prominent characteristic of her personality -to all who see her perform. Adam’s AHT logo was worked into the crop circles in the painting, which was a commissioned artwork by April King of Augusta, GA. In the painting, the vantage point of the viewer seems to suggest the plane is flying up at a nearly 90 degree angle, which is symbolic of not only Rachel’s drive to achieve greatness in her field of study/occupation, but also the subject matter of Adam’s upcoming album “Hunger”, which explores a number of different aspects of eagerness, the relentless pursuit of fulfillment and happiness, and the internal, categorical process defining wants versus need.