Bassist gets Engaged

Congratulations to Caleb Wilkerson and now fiancé Chrissy Elms on the pending nuptials!!

Caleb has been playing bass guitar with the Adam Harris Thompson Band, as one of the 4 core members, since 2015. He also recorded some of the keys and organ parts in the studio for Adam’s upcoming full-length release “Hunger”.

The core group of 4 consists of Adam, Rachel Lee (drums), David Rae Perry (electric guitar), and Caleb. These 4 remain friends, apart from performing on stage, so this step in Caleb’s life is one we have known that he’s wanted and waited patiently for.

We celebrate the deserved joy that Chrissy has brought to Celeb’s life and wish them all the happiness together, as we look forward to continuing to write and perform music together 🙂